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This is your chance to vote on the next step for Characterblogger.

1. Should I continue with Alanna’s story? What will she do when her mom doesn’t return home? Will she finally stop living in her own dream world and reach out to the REAL people around her? And will she finally get up the nerve to talk to the real Morgan? Is he as nice and charming in real life as in her daydreams?

2. Katie and David. I completed a novel about these two (no I’ve never published anything other than pressing the ‘publish’ button in WordPress). Katie and David are in middle school, both trying to make it in their world. David has idolized Katie for years but it isn’t till now that she notices him back. I would write this as blog entries from both Katie and David’s point of views, each with their own ‘category’ on my blog, each writing about how the same day of school went, the same moments together, two totally different points of view.

3. Chantal: Chantal has amnesia. Backstory: She’s a rich girl whose dad adopted her as a baby when the mom gave her up for adoption. Her twin stayed with the mom. She finally finds her real mother and also discovers she has a twin sister! Her rich dad invites her twin sister and the mother to come to Florida to visit, but the mother sends only the twin (Natalie) on the trip.

Natalie has black dyed hair, is depressed and down and dresses in all black clothes, her mom is an alcoholic, there’s never food in the house and her boyfriend is a drug dealer. Chantal is the opposite, she is rich, blonde, smart, happy, outgoing, with a bright future.

Long story short, Chantal gets into a car accident while driving Natalie home from the airport (her dad is away, always on business trips). CShe hits her head hard and when she comes to she has amnesia! Natalie sees this as an opportunity. They’ve crashed into a post near a drug store. She buys some hair dye and accessories and drives to the empty mansion where she is successful in making ‘the switch’.

Chantal eventually gets sent “home” (to Canada) to live with her mother in the hopes she will regain her memory by being around familiar faces. But she is not the real Natalie. This is the story of her being put into a “bad life” and eventually turning it around, because circumstances don’t always dictate where you will end up in life, no matter how bad they seem at the time.

I wrote this as a TV series and have three episodes so far. I have them dated and documented if anyone steals this idea I will hunt you down and sue u and do worse. As for blogging, I would start blogging as Chantal (aka Natalie to everyone else) from her first day at home with amnesia (poor, living with her alcoholic mom, in a small town in Canada, not remembering anything about her life)
***So which one should I do? I can’t be all three characters at once. You see if one if my characters is sad, I am sad. I enter into their story so I can’t be three people at once if I’m going to blog their story. What’s your vote? Please leave a comment, thanks 😀 For now I will continue Alanna for a bit as some votes come in. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Your Vote!

  1. I had no idea this was a story..! 😀 It is a pretty good story, I say you carry on with Alana’s story…Its pretty interesting. 😀

  2. I didn’t realise to start with either, your writing is so good. I think you should stick with Alana too, though I do need to catch up. At the same time I’m intrigued by Chantal’s story too..

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