School’s (almost) Out For Summer!

Hello world,

I’ve been asked to guest blog here during Alanna’s absence. I’m not exactly sure why, considering my life consists of nothing more than playing video games and studying, BUT as of tomorrow it will consist of video games and nothing else. (Its the last day of school tomorrow). This is going to be the best summer ever.

So, a little about me, let’s see… my name is Caleb and I play video games.

Yep, that about sums it up right there.

Now that you know who I am, I’d love to know who all you beautiful people are! (especially the ladies 😉 Please, comment away, or fill in these blanks: my name is _______ and I ____________.

I’ve titled this blog ‘confessions of a dog walker’ because I’m planning to start walking the ugly rodent-like creature my mom calls a ‘dog’ around the neighbourhood daily, and I will document these adventures. Actually I’m dog walking because I want to lose a little weight. I’m not immensely overweight… just a little plump around the edges. I guess that’s what a life of video gaming and zero exercise will do to a person. If this was a different era (or country) my plump-ness would be fully acceptable by society’s standards, but here (in my town) in these troubling times, in a land of skinny emo boys with skinny jeans and slim Justin Biebers, the girls my age want to drool over skinny boys.

And so ladies, you are no longer the only gender which has to watch their weight to fit in. Therefore, I’m going to walk Xena (that’s what I call our dog because I think it sounds better than “Dolly” her real name), and make my mom happy, and who knows, maybe Xena will have a tiny heart attack from the exertion of her tiny heart and all that walking, and I will finally be rid of her incessant yapping!

If you’re a yappy-dog lover then I should tell you I’m only joking, of course.

If you’re not a yappy-dog lover, then you know I’m totally serious.


I had a Dream about Justin Bieber…

I  can’t control what I dream about okay!
I fell asleep in class today (again) and I had a dream about Justin Bieber, yes… I did. I apologize, but I was compelled to share this with you. Continue reading

Looks like its time to find a job

I’ve got to get a job. I don’t care about the application from, I’ll just put a bunch of crap on it, I’m good at making stuff up. I’ll apply to work at the Thrift Store, the Donut place (overnights – I might as well get paid to stay up all night) and the discount movie theater at the mall.

I bought a couple of $1 and $2 shirts from the Thrift Store, just to change things up with my jeans (Morgan’s jeans, which I no longer intend to return), and a pack of discount underwear at Walmart (supermarket), so now I’m officially broke again. Hence the need for said “job”. Continue reading


I’m posting more than ever now! Its not hard to post twice a day when your life is boring and you’re staying up all night anyway 🙂

I’m back to drinking coffee all night at Tim Horton’s (24 hr. Donut Place). I don’t think the staff recognize me cuz I’m looking a lot better after getting all cleaned up at Morgan’s this morning. I don’t want to stay up, I’m feeling tired. I got spoiled sleeping in a comfy warm closet and now I’m back out in the cold again. I did however get a little sleep at the public library earlier, about an hour, in the “kids’ corner” but I mostly did homework.

So I forgot to talk about my conversation with Morgan after school today. He was avoiding me all afternoon, like a scared gazelle. But then he found me in the school library. When I saw him approaching I felt nervous. How was I going to explain about the things I’d ‘borrowed’ from his place? Continue reading

Borrowing From the Rich

I woke up late this morning. There was a note from Morgan that said his mom comes home early from work around 2pm and can I please leave the house by then. It kind of made me feel like a disease or parasite.

But anyway having the house all too myself was awesome! I was excited when I saw all the food in the fridge. I don’t usually get to eat breakfast. The shower was clean and spacious. I had a shower, then a bath, then a shower again. Best feeling ever. And the second best feeling ever = clean and warm socks! Continue reading

Nothing To Lose, So Much to Gain

Today I broke my promise to myself to not ever ask anyone for help. AND I faced my fear of rejection and finally talked to Morgan… in real life!

I couldn’t think of who I could trust with my secret. I guess I chose Morgan because I still confuse reality with the Morgan I made up in my head, the one I idolize and am great friends with… in my daydreams. But being homeless has made me a little braver, like I don’t care what people think of me anymore. And since I’ve basically lost everything already (except my laptop), I’ve got nothing to lose, right? Continue reading

Invisible :)

I fell asleep in two of my classes today. Good thing nobody cares what I do, it’s like I’m invisible. I don’t need a special ring, like in The Lord of the Rings, to be invisible. Sometimes it’s useful to be invisible.

I wonder though, if I was popular, would my friends take me into their homes? Let me sleep over and eat supper there until my mom returned? Or would they send me to some family services place and put me in a foster home? Where the counsellors would make me go to a psychiatrist and give me all sorts of pills, like my mom takes. No thanks. I think it’s better for me to stay on the down low, under the radar. Which means I need to keep up my studies to satisfy the teachers, so they don’t meddle in my life. Good thing I don’t mind studying at the public library till it closes at 9 pm… especially when I can get in a few hours of sleep on one of their comfy chairs 😀