New Years Resolutions: this is just the beginning!

The best part of my New Year’s Resolutions is that I’ve resolved to make as many resolutions as possible! 😀

10:37 AM

I have a little devotional book that I’m going to try and do everyday. It started today and the title was “Write it down”

“Having a vision for every area of your life is vital if you want to be disciplined and effective.”

Wow! I guess this means LOTS of New Year’s Resolutions (every area of your life). Areas of my life: Health, Career, Friends, Financial, Family, Spiritual.

Start with Health. I’d say there are at least three areas of health: Physical, Mental and Emotional.


-I will stop eating so much Nutella
-I will attend a yoga class once a week
-I will walk the dog whenever it’s warm enough outside
-I will do dancing video games at least twice a week


-I will NOT write (work on scripts / novels) to the point of high stress
-I will de-clutter my house
-I will not spend so much time on facebook and too much time on wordpress
-I will not over-work myself (including housework) or over-schedule my time or push too hard to meet unrealistic goals
-I will meditate each night before bed and say “I love you” to myself each morning


-Quit doing things that make me feel guilty or just stop feeling guilty altogether
-Quit basing my self worth on acceptance from the male species (friends or otherwise)
-Quit obsessing over people I’m obsessed with (including actors and famous people)


-Finish editing Novel 2
-Rewrite Novel 1 into first person present tense from 3rd person past tense
-Edit sci-fi screenplay according to Scriptwriting Professor’s many notes
-Finish typing up drama screenplay
-Finish writing Nanowrimo novel
-Choose which writing to use for slush pile at writer’s convention this summer
-Figure out what events are happening and how to sign up for them, etc. at writer’s conference.
-Send second inquiry to University about a part-time job position
-Continue going to writers group weekly


-Continue going to writers group weekly
-Quit obsessing over MSA Friend (Most Sought After Friend)
-Look up websites about how to maintain friendships and proper friend socialization
-Don’t message any one friend too much or at weird times of the day or night


-Continue doing majority of all chores and errand running around and food preparation and shopping and school activity stuff
-Continue having a date night once a week
-Pick up child from school (instead of getting mom to do it) and let her have play dates after school.
-Go on summer vacation
-Visit grandma sometime this year
-Visit Husband’s grandparents who live far away
-play Barbies more often


-Continue going to church once a week
-Go to confession so I can start participating again in Mass
-Remember to pray at night
-Do “devotional” book I got for free in the mail every day
-Be nice to Jehovah’s Witnesses but don’t convert
-Meditate, stop and listen for God
-Believe I’m not a lost cause and God still wants me


-Win the CBC Short Story Competition I entered
-work part time
-save for screenwriting conference in LA
-don’t forget to give tithe
-continue to go to Hair School for hair dying instead of expensive hair stylist

Sunday’s Journal Entries Part 3

10:30 AM

Written far too much in this diary log and it’s not even noon yet! Must not make this diary writing a new obsession like I do with most anything I start.

12:40 PM

Playing acrobats with daughter (using Barbies not ourselves)

Haven’t walked dog yet or showered. All I want to do is listen to boy band music and lay in bed, looking at the boyband posters on daughter’s wall and imagining running into these fine young British men at a sandwich shop, then we’d instantly become best of friends. Five fun, young and energetic guy friends to joke with all day and just do silly things like running on a beach in slow motion, fashionable guys who dress brilliant (aren’t afraid to wear white pants or red pants) and are famously cute. Yes, right, I’m supposed to be playing Barbies.

2:15 PM

Walked the dog!
Now my sinuses hurt. I forgot that in the middle of the night my sinuses and chest hurt and I was having trouble breathing. Suppose if I’d remembered that I wouldn’t have walked the dog so far. But worked off the egg and bacon from breakfast (I imagine), although I just ate 3 more M&M chocolate almonds to give me enough energy to take a shower.

Husband bringing home playdate for child this afternoon! After shower will go to a coffee shop 😀 (to avoid playdate)


At coffee shop 😀
Ordered healthy sandwich and soup. All showered now and prepared for any emergency swimming sessions, should any arrise (shaved my legs). Was thinking to put my diary onto my blog. Instantly got overwhelmed with how much work it’s going to be. But now that I thought it I must do it!

Would it be dangerous to blog all my real life and real thoughts? Will someone create an elaborate flow chart (covering an entire wall in their hotel room in which they live) of my life, where I am and when and with whom? What type of body wash I use, etc? Then plan a complicated stalking plot, of computer-science caliber, that will inspire a thriller movie in the future after my tormented death?

Why can’t I just simply enjoy this Bridget Jones novel I’m reading and NOT want to create something similar myself? (this is my first time reading a Bridget Jones novel)

Why are they still playing Christmas music in this coffee shop?

4:47 PM

Migrated from one coffee shop to another, partly because of Christmas music thing and partly because I didn’t want to overstay my welcome at first coffee shop. Am now at Starbucks where reading-loitering is more acceptable. Got a mocha and a cake-pop. Have no idea what the saturated fat content is of said items and therefore can consume them without fear (or with less fear) of a heart attack. At least I managed to avoid the Nutella jar today 😀

7:24 PM

Just got back from Mass (church). Was thinking, the entire time, about how I wish I had somwhere fancy to go and someone to go with for New Year’s Eve. Realized I wasn’t paying attention or praying and am a selfish, unspiritual heathen. Didn’t take communion (bread), had to cross arms in an act of rejection due to past heathenism which is still uncleansed by a confession session. Priest patted me on the shoulder, he knows…. Wish we could skip the whole confessional thing and I could just get a nod of “oh-u-did-that-again-ok-u-r-forgiven” as I’m coming up the line, then we can get on with it.

New Resolutions (for now): write less in diary log, post daily so as not to be thousands of words behind and spend all morning posting. Stop eating Nutella for a week at least.


Sunday (yesterday) journal enteries: (this is me)

8:34 AM

Decided to start journaling for the New Year, Bridget Jones style! To help me keep on track with New Year’s Resolutions.


Must figure out New Years’ Resolutions before the New Year. Must de-clutter house of Christmas clutter and store it all neatly and orderly in plastic bins in the basement, then de-clutter basement.

Had a dream about my grandma. She was happy and smiling. Feeling guilty that I never visit her.

Plans for today:

-Play with daughter
-Not do dishes or laundry or de-clutter house because it’s Sunday (no work day)
-Find out if there is confession today (probably not) so I won’t have to cross my arms and refuse the bread again when I go up for Communion, resulting in shame and embarrassment and onlookers wondering what grave sin I’ve committed (there aren’t that many, murder being one of them).
-Go to Mass (maybe)
-Read more of Bridget Jones latest book that I got for Christmas (which I picked out myself and wrapped myself but used Husband’s money and labeled it from Husband) because it’s SO funny, although I vaguely remember a passage in the Old Testament saying something like ‘they do what they regularily do on any other day (on Sunday) and don’t keep it Holy.” Resulting in God being upset. I also vaguely remember someone being put to death for ‘picking up sticks’ on a Sabbath day O.o
-I probably shouldn’t be writing seeing as that is something I would do on any regular day. Plus if I become a writer then ‘writing’ would be work (akin to picking up sticks)!
-Just realizing now that I have a lot of religious stuff running through my head, maybe because it’s Sunday.
-Can’t write anymore because Husband is on couch beside me playing some stupid war game on his ipad mini which involves endless tapping on the screen and not a lick of real video game hand/eye co-ordination skill (this generation has become even too lazy for video gaming skill), and the tapping is too distracting for me to write.

(end of first installment of yesterday’s diary enteries, will catch up to today’s date this morning at some point after a few posts…)

Plain Jane

My Summer Resolutions:

-Walk the rat daily
-Help my mom with supper/dishes (sometimes)
-Join a club
-Lose body fat (whether I lose or gain weight)
-Find a hobby
-Eat less
-Scare Plain Jane

Who’s Plain Jane you ask?
Well, there’s another dog walker in the area who isn’t 80+ years old and I’ve decided to call her Plain Jane. She’s been walking past my house on the sidewalk, in front of my living room window in the mornings. I can’t tell how old she is because she likes to keep herself covered up with big baggy clothes and everything about her is kind of plain, nothing stands out.

If I was asked by a forensic sketch artist to describe her I would say “she was a girl, I think, with not-short but not-long hair, not brown hair but not blonde either, in a low ponytail. Of unknown build, hidden beneath baggy, non-brand-name clothes, so boring that I cannot recall the colour or style of them.”
There is one discriminating feature though, her awesome DOG! Its a Siberian Husky with ice-blue eyes, and a beautiful thick soft coat of fur, a strong and magnificent dog, everything a dog should be.

If I had that dog I would walk it proudly, head held high. Plain Jane sneaks around the neighbourhood with her amazing dog like its a crime. Sometimes she walks her dog with her eyes closed. What? Yes, with her eyes closed like she’s trying to let her dog lead her, so she’s bound to run into something, like a pedestrian. I’m going to hide behind a tree and then step out in front of her.  Then I will say “were you walking with your eyes closed?” It will teach her a lesson while entertaining me at the same time!
Her dog might attack me. But to die at the teeth of such a magnificent dog would be an honourable death indeed.