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Thank you to those who have been following this blog from the very beginning . I’d like to give you a virtual hug! (H)

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I’m posting more than ever now! Its not hard to post twice a day when your life is boring and you’re staying up all night anyway 🙂

I’m back to drinking coffee all night at Tim Horton’s (24 hr. Donut Place). I don’t think the staff recognize me cuz I’m looking a lot better after getting all cleaned up at Morgan’s this morning. I don’t want to stay up, I’m feeling tired. I got spoiled sleeping in a comfy warm closet and now I’m back out in the cold again. I did however get a little sleep at the public library earlier, about an hour, in the “kids’ corner” but I mostly did homework.

So I forgot to talk about my conversation with Morgan after school today. He was avoiding me all afternoon, like a scared gazelle. But then he found me in the school library. When I saw him approaching I felt nervous. How was I going to explain about the things I’d ‘borrowed’ from his place? Continue reading

Invisible :)

I fell asleep in two of my classes today. Good thing nobody cares what I do, it’s like I’m invisible. I don’t need a special ring, like in The Lord of the Rings, to be invisible. Sometimes it’s useful to be invisible.

I wonder though, if I was popular, would my friends take me into their homes? Let me sleep over and eat supper there until my mom returned? Or would they send me to some family services place and put me in a foster home? Where the counsellors would make me go to a psychiatrist and give me all sorts of pills, like my mom takes. No thanks. I think it’s better for me to stay on the down low, under the radar. Which means I need to keep up my studies to satisfy the teachers, so they don’t meddle in my life. Good thing I don’t mind studying at the public library till it closes at 9 pm… especially when I can get in a few hours of sleep on one of their comfy chairs 😀


When I was like 12 years old I got lost while going for a walk. It was summer time and really hot out (I know some people may think it’s always cold in Canada but it does get hot here, like 35C / 95F, in the summer). I walked around for hours. At first it was okay. I liked seeing the houses and kids playing outside. I knew I would find my way home eventually and it was such a nice day out for a walk. I wandered into a rich suburban area where the houses were big and all looked the same. I wasn’t wearing a hat or sunblock. When I first noticed my skin burning I decided to head for home, thinking I knew the direction. But all the dead-end streets that round the houses in a semi-circle got me confused and disoriented. I was walking in circles and all the houses and streets looked the same. Continue reading

I love birthday gifts!

Wreck It Ralph was AWESOME!
Life just seems so much better on a full stomach. I got to eat a soup and bun at Tim Horton’s in the mall (cuz Auntie said eating “ice-cream” wasn’t much of a supper – not that I actually ate ice-cream) and I ate half a box of chocolate almonds (I’m saving the rest for later).

I have to go to confession tomorrow. Continue reading

Yay I get to see a movie tonight ^_^

My Auntie is super religious. She’s older than my mom, not just by age, but by the way she is. After her husband died she kind of jumped right into the church widow thing. She doesn’t have any kids.
I called her last night, after rehearsing all my responses to possible questions about my life. I used a pay phone at Walmart.

“Hello?” My Auntie said. She wasn’t sounding as chipper as usual.
“Hi Auntie it’s Alanna.”  I felt uncomfortable, calling with ulterior motives, not just to talk to her.
“Alanna!” She cheered up a bit then. “How are you?”
“Where are you calling from?.”
“We’re shopping at Walmart. Mom didn’t want me to use her cell phone.”
“How is your mom? She never calls anymore.”
“She’s busy with all her new house cleaning clients.”
“Oh that’s good.”
There was a pause as I took a moment to plan my words. Continue reading

Anyone Else Tired Today?

I’m so tired today
I could sleep forever
or at least for a month
like a vampire

I took the early bus today, and had to wait ouside in the cold for like half an hour before the school officially opened. I don’t know why I thought the school is always open. Doesn’t the janitor come in extra early or something? Apparently not. Continue reading