Murphy’s Law (Dog attack style)

I ran into Plain Jane today, not literally like last time. Today her blue eyes were open and she saw me coming with Xena (Mom’s little rat dog). She tried to change her course and cross the street, almost getting Hasselhoff Huskey (her Siberian Huskey) run over by a car.

I don’t know what it is about self-conscious people but they make me feel more confident about myself. Normally I would just avoid girls, but I said ‘hi’ to Jane. She looked nervous and too shy to talk, which makes me the brave one.
I was heading for Amy’s house, a bit of a long walk for Xena and me, but the anticipation of seeing Amy again (gardening in her peach tank top or tanning on the front lawn) was plenty motivation enough.

So anyway, while Jane and I were awkwardly “saying hi”, HH (Hasselhoff Huskey) was sniffing Xena. It seemed friendly enough, HH sniffing, Xena cowering away (her customary socializing skill). I was thinking of what to say to Jane and didn’t notice HH turn hostile until he was in full attack mode. I heard a high pitched yelping sound come out of Xena, unlike any sound I’ve ever heard come out of an animal before, I didn’t even know it was her at first.

It was all happening in slow motion. HH bearing his teeth, me lifting Xena off the ground by the leash to get her away from HH’s teeth, dangling her in the air (don’t tell my mom), me kicking HH in the face with my DC shoes so he wouldn’t jump up and bite Xena, but he wouldn’t lay off. When I realized I was “hanging” Xena I lowered her to the ground and HH went at her again. Jane wasn’t doing a great job of restraining her dog, she just froze up, but when she finally snapped out of her shock she got a hold of HH by the collar and held him back. I was hanging poor Xena by the leash again, without noticing it, then I took her into my arms and she was shaking like crazy.

Jane was apologizing but all I was thinking about was Xena and if she was okay, so I wasn’t really registering anything else. There was blood on her rat fur and I was worried about dog shock and dog heart attacks. You see, Mom bought Xena after dad left, for a lot of money, to fill some sort of emotional void I guess, and she’s loves this ugly dog, like a baby. I think she wanted to have another baby, one of the many things that she and dad never agreed on, including getting a dog, but now Mom’s never going to have a real baby and Xena’s all she’s got. So Xena, ulgy and all, is not just another dog.

But Xena is okay now. She finally stopped shaking at some point during our movie marathon this afternoon. I never did walk to Amy’s house, but that’s okay. I have something to look forward to next time we go for a walk.


From The Beginning…


Have no time to visit the bookstore or library for something fun to read?

Read my story from the beginning here ^_^

Thank you to those who have been following this blog from the very beginning . I’d like to give you a virtual hug! (H)

And those of you who haven’t read any of Alanna’s blog you can start from the very beginnng right here here 🙂

I had a Dream about Justin Bieber…

I  can’t control what I dream about okay!
I fell asleep in class today (again) and I had a dream about Justin Bieber, yes… I did. I apologize, but I was compelled to share this with you. Continue reading


I’m posting more than ever now! Its not hard to post twice a day when your life is boring and you’re staying up all night anyway 🙂

I’m back to drinking coffee all night at Tim Horton’s (24 hr. Donut Place). I don’t think the staff recognize me cuz I’m looking a lot better after getting all cleaned up at Morgan’s this morning. I don’t want to stay up, I’m feeling tired. I got spoiled sleeping in a comfy warm closet and now I’m back out in the cold again. I did however get a little sleep at the public library earlier, about an hour, in the “kids’ corner” but I mostly did homework.

So I forgot to talk about my conversation with Morgan after school today. He was avoiding me all afternoon, like a scared gazelle. But then he found me in the school library. When I saw him approaching I felt nervous. How was I going to explain about the things I’d ‘borrowed’ from his place? Continue reading

Borrowing From the Rich

I woke up late this morning. There was a note from Morgan that said his mom comes home early from work around 2pm and can I please leave the house by then. It kind of made me feel like a disease or parasite.

But anyway having the house all too myself was awesome! I was excited when I saw all the food in the fridge. I don’t usually get to eat breakfast. The shower was clean and spacious. I had a shower, then a bath, then a shower again. Best feeling ever. And the second best feeling ever = clean and warm socks! Continue reading

I’m in Morgan’s Closet

I’m in Morgan’s closet.

I have to be quiet so I shouldn’t type too much, but I wanted to update my blog just to say ‘I’m in Morgan’s closet!’… lol

Everyone’s asleep in the house now. It’s a long story, but I came over to do “homework” and I ended up telling Morgan everything that’s been happening with me, the basics at least. I mean it was hard to tell him because he’s not at all talkative, it was like talking to wall. I couldn’t tell if he was listening to me because he doesn’t keep eye contact and doesn’t give responses like “really?” “wow” “that sucks” “what do you mean?” etc. Continue reading

Nothing To Lose, So Much to Gain

Today I broke my promise to myself to not ever ask anyone for help. AND I faced my fear of rejection and finally talked to Morgan… in real life!

I couldn’t think of who I could trust with my secret. I guess I chose Morgan because I still confuse reality with the Morgan I made up in my head, the one I idolize and am great friends with… in my daydreams. But being homeless has made me a little braver, like I don’t care what people think of me anymore. And since I’ve basically lost everything already (except my laptop), I’ve got nothing to lose, right? Continue reading