New Years Resolutions: this is just the beginning!

The best part of my New Year’s Resolutions is that I’ve resolved to make as many resolutions as possible! 😀

10:37 AM

I have a little devotional book that I’m going to try and do everyday. It started today and the title was “Write it down”

“Having a vision for every area of your life is vital if you want to be disciplined and effective.”

Wow! I guess this means LOTS of New Year’s Resolutions (every area of your life). Areas of my life: Health, Career, Friends, Financial, Family, Spiritual.

Start with Health. I’d say there are at least three areas of health: Physical, Mental and Emotional.


-I will stop eating so much Nutella
-I will attend a yoga class once a week
-I will walk the dog whenever it’s warm enough outside
-I will do dancing video games at least twice a week


-I will NOT write (work on scripts / novels) to the point of high stress
-I will de-clutter my house
-I will not spend so much time on facebook and too much time on wordpress
-I will not over-work myself (including housework) or over-schedule my time or push too hard to meet unrealistic goals
-I will meditate each night before bed and say “I love you” to myself each morning


-Quit doing things that make me feel guilty or just stop feeling guilty altogether
-Quit basing my self worth on acceptance from the male species (friends or otherwise)
-Quit obsessing over people I’m obsessed with (including actors and famous people)


-Finish editing Novel 2
-Rewrite Novel 1 into first person present tense from 3rd person past tense
-Edit sci-fi screenplay according to Scriptwriting Professor’s many notes
-Finish typing up drama screenplay
-Finish writing Nanowrimo novel
-Choose which writing to use for slush pile at writer’s convention this summer
-Figure out what events are happening and how to sign up for them, etc. at writer’s conference.
-Send second inquiry to University about a part-time job position
-Continue going to writers group weekly


-Continue going to writers group weekly
-Quit obsessing over MSA Friend (Most Sought After Friend)
-Look up websites about how to maintain friendships and proper friend socialization
-Don’t message any one friend too much or at weird times of the day or night


-Continue doing majority of all chores and errand running around and food preparation and shopping and school activity stuff
-Continue having a date night once a week
-Pick up child from school (instead of getting mom to do it) and let her have play dates after school.
-Go on summer vacation
-Visit grandma sometime this year
-Visit Husband’s grandparents who live far away
-play Barbies more often


-Continue going to church once a week
-Go to confession so I can start participating again in Mass
-Remember to pray at night
-Do “devotional” book I got for free in the mail every day
-Be nice to Jehovah’s Witnesses but don’t convert
-Meditate, stop and listen for God
-Believe I’m not a lost cause and God still wants me


-Win the CBC Short Story Competition I entered
-work part time
-save for screenwriting conference in LA
-don’t forget to give tithe
-continue to go to Hair School for hair dying instead of expensive hair stylist