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I don’t regularily dress like an 80’s Rock Star (though I wish I did), I just love this pic of me from Halloween lol

I started this character blog to help me build up a novel I had started about Alanna. Currently I’m trying a Bridget Jone’s / Stay-at-home-mom style blog, we’ll see how that goes,

hope you enjoy,



7 thoughts on “About The Author

    • thank you! I will try to post it on my blog as soon as I can. I think its a great idea for getting peoples’ blogs noticed! But I have limited time on my laptop today… I’m super excited to finally be getting followers and comments! Blogging is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to put up a new blog again soon 😀

  1. Who wouldn’t want to look like an 80’s rock star all the time?!!!

  2. Wow I have only just realised tonight that you and your character aren’t the same person! There’s me been giving advice an’ all.. haha! I guess that’s a BIG compliment to your writing skills, and shame on me for not realising before now!

    • no, you were so sweet and nice to comment to Alanna, I really wanted to just stay in character but other people told me not to cuz it wouldn’t be right to trick people, but that wasn’t my aim at all :/ (thanks for not being mad at me that I didn’t initially say who I actually was in my about page, when I first started this blog) u were my first reader (like actually reading all the posts) 😀 I was so happy! But then I thought, if Alanna gets depressed, Jackie is gonna lose sleep over this. So I updated my about page. I really hope people DO comment to, speak to and give advice to Alanna. I wanted to get myself out of the way and just let people read about Alanna, but I guess overall its best to let people know there is a distinction between us

  3. Thanks for the follow! Your blog looks like a really cool idea! Can’t wait to check it out some more 🙂

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