Letters in Mailboxes

I got a letter in my mailbox, not from Amy unfortunately. It was written on pink paper, with large crayon letters saying:

This is Meagan, please come over to play with because my sister is boring and she never plays Barbies with me, lol

She actually wrote ‘lol’ in the letter. It was from Jane’s little sister. And there you have it.

I didn’t go over to play today. I’m not in the mood for fun because Amy never replied to my letter. She’s obviously not going to call. I really wish I hadn’t left the letter in her mailbox. In hindsight I can see how embarrassing it all is. Fortunately Amy has no idea who I am, because reverse cell-phone # look-ups don’t ever give you a person’s ‘name’, I tried.

Tonight I’m going to walk Xena far and get some exercise, but not in the direction of Amy’s house.



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