BAM I’m half my size! (Do guys lose weight faster than girls? or am I just a lucky btard?)

Amy called me and we’re going for coffee.

Just joking…. haha, gottcha. But I do promise to report whatever embarrassing outcomes result from my secret admirer letter to Amy.

I’m finally losing weight from my daily dog walking. I feel lots thinner and firmer. I was trying to lose weight at first but then I kind of gave up because it wasn’t working, there was no change, no change, no change… then BAM, I’m half my size. Ok maybe not that dramatic, but I didn’t notice it coming. I can see why people give up trying to lose weight. But if you keep at it then when you least expect it WHAMMO, you gotta buy new clothes.

I read this article about not being afraid to let yourself feel hungry. So every day there’s a small famine in the Caleb Village. Its not so bad, the hunger passes after a while, like my stomach says ‘go eat’, ‘go eat’, ‘go eat’, ‘go…. ah forget it, do whatever you want.”

It probably also helps that I’m no longer playing video games all day. I’m doing all sorts of things now like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, helping around the house. It makes me feel more in control of my life, like I’m not going to grow up to be some lazy, dead-beat twenty-something, living in a foot-odor basement suite, but instead a clean-apartment guy, who the ladies fight over at the office.

I decided that my original dream of being a professional video gamer would get old fast. I want to do something in an office, because office jobs mean office ladies, and Amy would look so good in a crisp dress suit, leaning onto my desk and laughing with me about some business client, as we work together after hours, trying to meet a deadline for a project we’re assigned to do together…

I finished my sci-fi short story last night. Super excited about that.



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