Don’t tell anyone I was playing Barbies…

I guess I wasn’t the only one muddling over whether or not to write a letter and leave it in someone’s mailbox.
I got this note in my mailbox yesterday:

Hi, I hope your dog is okay. I’m sorry my dog attacked your small dog. If there was anything wrong with her or if there were vet bills my mom will pay for them. I live at (address withheld). Thank you, Leena.

So that’s Plain Jane’s real name, ‘Leeeeena’. I will still call her Jane though in my posts. Her address is just at the end of my block.

So here’s how things went yesterday:
1. I find Jane’s note in my mailbox
2. After lunch I decide to walk down to Jane’s house, sans Xena (who I make sure to let out to pee before leaving the house).
3. I get there and HH starts barking so I have no choice but to ring the doorbell, even though I want to flee.
4. Jane’s not very talkative at the door so I say “My dog was airlifted by a helicopter to a big city pet hospital and she’s still in the ICU.” Her blue eyes get all wide with worry and it’s totally worth it, except she doesn’t laugh when she realizes I’m joking.
5. Jane’s little sister saves the awkward moment and show’s up at the door. Before I know what’s happening she’s pulling me into the house to show me a comic she’s drawn. It’s called “Outside Kitty” (Jane’s little sister is like 7 years old)
6. Outside Kitty is this kitty that keeps destroying the family TV because the television program has a mouse on it, on the screen. The stick woman throws Kitty out but Kitty keeps finding a way in (thru chimney, window, etc.) The dialogue is stick-woman yelling “OUTSIDE KITTY!” Not bad for a seven year old.
7. I tell (I forgot her name) that her comic is really good she jumps up and down and claps her hands together like my approval is important, even though she just met me 5 minutes ago.
8. She begs me to play Barbies with her and I spend the afternoon being Super Bieber, a flying Justin Bieber doll who rescues the Barbies, as well as every littlest petshop animal ever produced in a factory, resulting in a super happy seven year old.
9. I ask Leena if I hurt HH and she says I made his gums bleed near a tooth but no real damage.
10. I go home feeling bad about HH’s gums and also feeling like I totally had a fun day…. playing Barbies


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