Today’s Post: A Wasteful Use of Blog Space

I know I always rag on Xena for being ugly and a poor excuse for a dog, but she’s actually not so bad. I was surprised at how protective I felt of her when HH (the big husky) attacked her.

I gave Xena a bath after the attack and I couldn’t find any bites or marks. So the blood wasn’t from her. I must have made HH bleed when I was kicking him in the face, oops.

Xena follows me everywhere like a side-kick, even when I go to the washroom, she sits outside the door and waits for me.

I was thinking of what I would write in a letter to Amy (the hot lady who had a garage sale I went to). I’d tell her she’s so gorgeous and she’s the female star of my sci-fi story. She would think that was sensitive and artistic of me.

Any advice from the ladies out there? Would that freak you out or flatter you if a stranger guy left you a note in your mailbox saying that he thinks you’re hot? (And the guy was a teenager)

I think Amy is older, maybe old enough to be a teacher or a mom (but way too hot to be a mom). I can’t tell though, she looks 25-ish maybe, but I can’t tell ages, young or old.

My mom once told me that when you’re in love you lose weight. I didn’t bother asking her what that says about married people (since they tend to gain weight rather than lose it). But I think she might be right, because whenever I think about Amy, which is every second, I feel this thing in my stomach and I can’t eat.
THANK YOU Amy! You are helping me fulfill one of my summer resolutions, to eat less. Maybe I’ll write that in my letter to her, Dear Amy, you make me love sick and unable to eat.



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