Isn’t She Lovely… (Garage Sales in the Hot Sun)

I’ve never gone to a garage sale before. Really, its true.
Today I went for the first time. I was walking Xena in the morning and we came across a garage sale, or rather a YARD sale, that was being held by most beautiful woman in the world. She was wearing a peach coloured, tight fitting, thin fabric, spaghetti strap tank top, which sat just low enough to hint at a beautiful cleavage, full but not too weighty. I think she had shorts on maybe but my attention was fixed on the tank top so I can’t be sure of anything else.

I did look at her face (I’m not completely shallow), she has petite features like Amy Adams (the woman who plays Lois Lane in the Superman movie, Man of Steel) and similar long red (orange) hair pulled back in a pony tail, a nice high pony tail that makes you think she has a bubbly personality, like she regularly giggles or laughs with the pony-tail bouncing around, and other things bouncing… well, it was a perky pony tail which makes her seem positive and happy. I love that pony tail. Anyway, I don’t know her name but I’ve decided to call her Amy.

Amy was surounded by two snot-nosed children of indiscernible* age who, I’ve decided, are not actually her children, even though she had to attend to them during the garage sale, resulting in all manner of wonderful “leaning forward” displays of the lovely peach tank top. That image is permanently imbedded in my brain now. I couldn’t even eat supper because all I could think about was Amy and that peach tank top and I wasn’t even hungry.
Oh Amy

I came across 2 more garage sales and bought the following items:
-a Lord Of The Rings “One Ring” ring, just a cheap replica but its the coolest thing I own by far
-a bandana, which I intend to wear next time I’m at a rock concert
-a beat up hacky sack with an alien head on it, which I intend to keep until college to play with my future college buddies like they do in movies

I’m going to go work on my sci-fi story now, and I’m adding a new female main character, named Amy…


*my attempt to start using some big words to become a better writer


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