I’m A Pretty Scary Guy

I’m not being a very good guest blogger so far, I’ve been consumed with working on my sci-fi story that I’m writing. But I had to write an update blog about scaring Plain Jane, because I finally did it. So here I am with the update.

So anyway, Plain Jane was walking Hasselhoff Huskey (That’s what I’ve named her dog, because both words start with ‘H’ and it makes me laugh) they were walking by my living room window and I spilled my ice tea because Xena went crazy at the screen door, drawing their attention towards the house. I had to duck into Mom’s room so they wouldn’t see me.

Jane usually walks HH back the same way after about a half hour so I had time to get dressed and go hide behind one of the large trees out front. I left Xena inside and closed the front door so she wouldn’t start yapping and ruin my plan.

These type of plans always seem better in your head than when its time to implement them. Anyway, my plan worked well. I let HH walk passed first, he was eyeing me but didn’t stop, then I stepped out in front of Jane and she banged right into me, almost knocking me over. She opened her eyes (they’re blue like HH’s but not ice blue, more of a baby blue.) ANYWAY she was weirded out and all confused like, how could I possibly have run into someone while walking around with my eyes closed? Her cheeks turned red and it looked like she was going to cry or something. Then she ran off.

How’s that for a first introduction?
I didn’t think I was all that scary, but I guess running into me can be a horrifying event for some people.

Oh yeah, and I locked myself out of the house. All day. I lay on the trampoline, no food, no phone. I pretended there was a famine in the land, a natural disaster like a flash flood had taken my home and I was stranded, floating on a large piece of someone’s rooftop, just me and the wind. I got a sunburn, and Xena peed in the house again.

At night I felt good, the way I used to feel when we would go on summer vacations, spending the day at some lake, outside all day, then staying up late at night. We haven’t gone on a summer vacation since dad left. Anyway, I’ve been keeping my resolution to walk Xena and I actually feel like I’m losing weight too (but according to my mom’s bathroom scale I’m not)



3 thoughts on “I’m A Pretty Scary Guy

  1. Lol the post is so good !! And I love your blog…. Keep up the good work ! xx

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