The Worst Summer Ever

I am updating my bio

My old bio: Hello my name is Caleb and I play video games
New bio: Hello my name is Caleb

My mom sold my x-box.

Its the ultimate betrayal. There were no warning signs, no “if you play that thing all night until morning I will sell it.” Nothing at all. Just wake up and its gone. She sold all my games too.

I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw my  xbox was gone. I went into some kind of shock, panic attack. My mom just doesn’t get it. My gaming friends are relying on me to join them on online games and help them win wars, defeat the bad guys, be number one, or at least in the top ten.

And so the nightmare begins.

I’m not going to walk Xena (my mom’s ugly rat-faced excuse for a dog) today. I probably won’t get supper either. I’ll just eat a bag of chips 😡


6 thoughts on “The Worst Summer Ever

  1. Did you buy that Xbox?! If you did – sell something of your moms! Something moms would really like. like.. knitting needles.. or the frying pan!
    But wait.. this is great news for you!! Just pretend she sold it so you can buy the Xbox One or the PS4 when it launches this year! Maybe just do a bunch of chores and stay outside for the summer and she’ll buy you one. #Winning

  2. The Xbox One? haha that’s funny. You mean so you can buy the PS4!!
    #XBone sucks

  3. I felt a bit like that when my parents confiscated my straighteners. #conformingtogenderstereotypes

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