I’m ready for them lazy summer days

Summer is in, Let the Gaming begin!

Summer Holidays = the best thing ever invented! No school, no work (because my mom isn’t pressuring me yet, next year though I’ll be 16 and its coming), sleeping in, staying up late, sunshine (if you like that sort of thing).

An update on the dog walking: Xena did not get tired at all, let alone keel over from a heart attack, as I had hoped. I’m the one who almost had a heart attack. Walking more than a few blocks, even at a slow pace, is exhausting. I must be more out of shape than I thought.

I told my mom people only need exercise 3 times a week, not 7. She said then she would only make me supper 3 times a week. So that was the end of the discussion. I’m going to be walking the rat daily after all, because if there’s one thing I hate more than exercise its preparing my own meals. I don’t fry eggs and I don’t make Kraft Dinner or soufflé. Call me lazy, if you must, but I’ll just take it as a complement.

Tonight’s agenda – video gaming till tomorrow morning. This is definitely going to be the best summer of my life.


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