School’s (almost) Out For Summer!

Hello world,

I’ve been asked to guest blog here during Alanna’s absence. I’m not exactly sure why, considering my life consists of nothing more than playing video games and studying, BUT as of tomorrow it will consist of video games and nothing else. (Its the last day of school tomorrow). This is going to be the best summer ever.

So, a little about me, let’s see… my name is Caleb and I play video games.

Yep, that about sums it up right there.

Now that you know who I am, I’d love to know who all you beautiful people are! (especially the ladies 😉 Please, comment away, or fill in these blanks: my name is _______ and I ____________.

I’ve titled this blog ‘confessions of a dog walker’ because I’m planning to start walking the ugly rodent-like creature my mom calls a ‘dog’ around the neighbourhood daily, and I will document these adventures. Actually I’m dog walking because I want to lose a little weight. I’m not immensely overweight… just a little plump around the edges. I guess that’s what a life of video gaming and zero exercise will do to a person. If this was a different era (or country) my plump-ness would be fully acceptable by society’s standards, but here (in my town) in these troubling times, in a land of skinny emo boys with skinny jeans and slim Justin Biebers, the girls my age want to drool over skinny boys.

And so ladies, you are no longer the only gender which has to watch their weight to fit in. Therefore, I’m going to walk Xena (that’s what I call our dog because I think it sounds better than “Dolly” her real name), and make my mom happy, and who knows, maybe Xena will have a tiny heart attack from the exertion of her tiny heart and all that walking, and I will finally be rid of her incessant yapping!

If you’re a yappy-dog lover then I should tell you I’m only joking, of course.

If you’re not a yappy-dog lover, then you know I’m totally serious.



One thought on “School’s (almost) Out For Summer!

  1. My name is ___NSA___ and i __watch you___.

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