I had a Dream about Justin Bieber…

I  can’t control what I dream about okay!
I fell asleep in class today (again) and I had a dream about Justin Bieber, yes… I did. I apologize, but I was compelled to share this with you.

Basically, out of the millions of girls in the world, Justin was interested in ME! Not that I’m a diehard JB fan or anything, it’s just… the way he was looking at me, like he desired me, was so …. impacting. He could have any girl he wanted!

I can see why I might have had this dream.
No one looks at me.
I mean they look at me, like the cashier looks up to confirm that I asked for a coffee, but I mean no one LOOKS at me. I don’t think it’s just me that this happens to. People in this country are so guarded. They don’t really look and they don’t want to be seen. Fake smiles, fake listening and fake replying.
“How are you?”
nobody cares.
“Good, how are you?”
I’m not listening,
“Fine thanks.”
Please don’t start up a real conversation, I’m in a hurry.

When was the last time someone looked into your eyes, for at least a full 3 seconds? With longing? Desire? Passion?


The only time I see people looking at one another with any real desire or passion is in movies. I’ve been watching people at the donut shop. Parents, mothers, husbands… they all look like they are just putting up with one another, forced into each other’s’ company. And when you walk down the street, people avoid making eye-contact. Maybe its our culture here.  

Anyway, no one has ever looked at me with longing or desire. Even my mom doesn’t want me. My Auntie says God wants me. I don’t even know what that really means. I’m too tired to philosophize about it right now. I can NOT stay up all night again this time, at the donut place. They are onto me now, they know I’m just loitering, and it will be even more apparent now that I can’t afford to even buy a coffee.  I’m sure if I go there tonight and don’t buy anything they’ll ask me to leave :/


8 thoughts on “I had a Dream about Justin Bieber…

  1. People are guarded, but you’re one of the most guarded people I’ve ever met… except for this blog. This blog is the most unguarded that I’ve ever read.
    I wasn’t really looking at you before,
    but I am now

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