Borrowing From the Rich

I woke up late this morning. There was a note from Morgan that said his mom comes home early from work around 2pm and can I please leave the house by then. It kind of made me feel like a disease or parasite.

But anyway having the house all too myself was awesome! I was excited when I saw all the food in the fridge. I don’t usually get to eat breakfast. The shower was clean and spacious. I had a shower, then a bath, then a shower again. Best feeling ever. And the second best feeling ever = clean and warm socks!

I just couldn’t put my old clothes back on again after my long shower/bath/shower. So now I’m wearing Morgan’s clothes, even his briefs ^_^ (they’re actually quite comfy). I picked clothes that I haven’t seen him wear around school much, I think they might be new clothes which he hasn’t had a chance to wear to school yet, but I fully intend to return them and I don’t think anyone will notice they are his… I hope. Lots of girls wear boy jeans right?

I also took the bus to the Thrift Store and used some of the $20 I had left over from my Auntie’s birthday money gift. I got new shoes, only $3! And a new jacket as well! The weather has been warming up lately and my winter jacket is just so … round and heavy.

The jacket I bought is a dark burgundy red and is form fitting with large buttons down the front, I think it’s called a “duffle coat”, which would have been super expensive new so I’m pretty happy with it. It got me a lot of attention too at school today, people turning their heads to look at me in the halls. Or maybe it’s my hair, which was actually washed and blow-dried and styled for once (using Morgan’s mom’s hair products… and I also borrowed her mascara).

It was also nice to actually have something to eat at lunch time (cuz I also borrowed some fruit, cheese, a couple buns, a yogurt, a chocolate chip muffin, two orange drinking boxes and 2 small bags of chips from Morgan’s place).

They’re closing the school library now *sigh* gotta go…


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