I’m in Morgan’s Closet

I’m in Morgan’s closet.

I have to be quiet so I shouldn’t type too much, but I wanted to update my blog just to say ‘I’m in Morgan’s closet!’… lol

Everyone’s asleep in the house now. It’s a long story, but I came over to do “homework” and I ended up telling Morgan everything that’s been happening with me, the basics at least. I mean it was hard to tell him because he’s not at all talkative, it was like talking to wall. I couldn’t tell if he was listening to me because he doesn’t keep eye contact and doesn’t give responses like “really?” “wow” “that sucks” “what do you mean?” etc.

So, long story short, he agreed to let me stay here in his room (after my pathetic sob story and pleading) and he decided I could take residence in his closet, just for tonight, as long as his parents wouldn’t find out. I’m not sure how that makes me feel, kind of embarrassed I guess, but he said his mom wouldn’t let me stay if we asked her. So what he did was he went downstairs and closed the front door loudly, then he told his parents that I just left (without saying goodbye to them).

This is definitely better than staying up all night and wandering the streets or sitting in that donut shop. We moved Morgan’s clothes and junk from the closet so I could have room to sleep and he got me blankets and pillows and he also gave me this foamy thing from the basement that’s used for tenting. I can’t believe how rich they are. Their house is huge!

I didn’t want Morgan to ask his parents if I could stay overnight anyway, cuz they’d ask way too many questions, but I get the feeling, that his mom would never allow it even if we had asked. Its weird because they have so much… to give. Did someone forget to teach them to share in kindergarten? I guess people feel threatened by unexpected things, like someone staying the night or staying for the week in their home. It would disrupt their neat and orderly life, or worse, throw them off their important schedules. The worst part is that Morgan didn’t even want to help me at first, he only let me stay cuz I started crying when he kept saying ‘no way’ (I was just feeling overtired and emotional)

The differences between the real Morgan and the imaginary Morgan:
Imaginary: talkative, sweet, kind, helpful, compassionate, likes me a lot, writes me poems and buys me presents
Real: not talkative at all, unwilling to help out, does not seem to like me much, is stand-off-ish, does not buy me presents (didn’t even think to bring food upstairs for me once he was done supper – I didn’t ask)

Things I like about the real Morgan:
#1 He’s REAL
#2 He’s smart
#3 He’ll help out a girl if she cries (so he does have a heart)
#4 He’s got great hair
#5 He’s clean and he keeps his room clean and organized ^_^
#6 He’s actually interested in stuff, like there are star charts on the walls (he’s interested in astronomy) and he’s got a bookshelf full of books, and these robot things that he builds,

I’m so tired… must lay down and sleep… for a week


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