Invisible :)

I fell asleep in two of my classes today. Good thing nobody cares what I do, it’s like I’m invisible. I don’t need a special ring, like in The Lord of the Rings, to be invisible. Sometimes it’s useful to be invisible.

I wonder though, if I was popular, would my friends take me into their homes? Let me sleep over and eat supper there until my mom returned? Or would they send me to some family services place and put me in a foster home? Where the counsellors would make me go to a psychiatrist and give me all sorts of pills, like my mom takes. No thanks. I think it’s better for me to stay on the down low, under the radar. Which means I need to keep up my studies to satisfy the teachers, so they don’t meddle in my life. Good thing I don’t mind studying at the public library till it closes at 9 pm… especially when I can get in a few hours of sleep on one of their comfy chairs 😀


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