Locked Out

My key didn’t work in the front doors to my mom’s office today. I thought the lock was frozen, but then I noticed the sign on the door 😦 My food is still in there! In the little fridge. But I have Viros (my laptop) and Little Annie (my doll) with me and nothing else inside really matters. They can take it all. I wonder what my mom’s going to think. All her cleaning stuff and vacuums are in there. I wonder where she is.

I’m at the 24 hour donut place (Tim Horton’s) right now and I ordered a coffee. They have free wifi here and I think I can nurse this coffee for at least 4 – 5 hours, that way at least I get to sit in a warm place for most of the night. I’m pretty sure the manager is not around this time of night to kick me out. We’ll see how it goes.


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