I love birthday gifts!

Wreck It Ralph was AWESOME!
Life just seems so much better on a full stomach. I got to eat a soup and bun at Tim Horton’s in the mall (cuz Auntie said eating “ice-cream” wasn’t much of a supper – not that I actually ate ice-cream) and I ate half a box of chocolate almonds (I’m saving the rest for later).

I have to go to confession tomorrow.
Like the REAL one with a priest and everything. I kind of made a deal with God that if Auntie gave me at least $20 for my birthday (on top of taking me to the movies and buying me chocolate and popcorn) then I would actually go to confession for real, just like I’d told her I would.

So, guess what? She gave me $60! She told me to buy a new dress for spring formal. I’m so not going to waste money like that of course. It makes me dizzy just thinking of all the things I could buy with $60, bread, cheese, eggs, muffins, bananas, milk, cereal, pasta, chips.. the posibilities are endless! Tomorrow I’m going to skip school and just go shopping for food. Its Friday and only a half day anyway.

Auntie also gave me a little vintage Raggedy Anne doll for my birthday, like the kind of dolls girls had in the 1920’s, or the 1980’s lol. I didn’t even know they still made them anymore but apparently they do! And I’m a teenager so I don’t exactly need a doll. But I love it so much and I’m going to take her in my back pack everywhere I go. I’ve already shown her my room and Viros and she’s a great listener too 😛

I’m in my room huddled under my blankets with Viros and Little Annie (doll) right now. As long as I have an electrical socket then Viros is my television, my diary, my doctor (webMD), my weather station, phone directory, map, music, games, homework, email, chatting, clock, dictionary, encyclopedia and so much more!… not to mention I can BLOG to my heart’s content 😀 lol


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