Sneaking A Boy Into the House 2.0

Morgan walks farther into my room, shaking the leftover snowflakes off his curls. His hair is even more wavy now from the moisture.

“I hate curls.” He says, running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. “That’s why I used to slick my hair down. I wanted it to be straight.”

“Really?” I say, adding my ‘many words’ to the conversation.

“Yeah, I always thought curly hair was too girly.” He tussles his hair some more then gives up. I want to tell him that most girls love curly hair and it looks great on guys (refer to photo below), as long as its not a perm I guess, but I can’t seem to form words and say them.

(Here’s a perfect example of great boy hair, Charlie Rowe from the British mini-series “Neverland”)


I’m still looking at Morgan’s hair, wondering what it would feel like to touch it, when he moves away, his attention elsewhere. He has noticed Viros sitting on my desk.

“This must be the infamous Viros.” Morgan smiles, about to pick up my little laptop. He stops and looks over at me. “Can I pick her up?”
I nod yes.
He unplugs Viros, picking her up gently, and walks over to my bed to sit down.
“How has she been running?” He asks, setting her on his lap.
I walk over too and sit down beside him, but not too close.
“Really good, but I leave her on all the time because the start up is so slow.”
Morgan nods and opens a window called “msconfig”. He clicks through the options faster than I can keep up. My shoulders relax a little. The way he handles Viros, so carefully, gives me a tingling feeling. His fingers glide over the keys, typing fast.

“There.” He announces, startling me and making me jump.
Morgan laughs a little at my reaction, watching me as though he’s trying to figure me out. “I disabled some of the start up processes, that should help a lot.”
After watching me a bit longer he sets his attention back to Viros. “Want to watch something?” He asks, logging into his Netflix account now.
There is a shuffling sound in the hall.
I recognize that shuffling sound.
Morgan is obliviously to any sounds as he scrolls through movie titles. I spring into action, grabbing Viros out of his hands, surprising him. I throw her aside on my bed then jump forward, pushing and shoving Morgan to the back of my bed, where it’s up against the wall. He pretends to protect himself like we’re play fighting.
“Morgan,” I hiss “my Mom is coming”
I cover him up with my blanket and every pillow in reach. Then I throw my teddy bear on top for good measure. Just as I’m picking up Viros the door opens.
“You’re still up?” My mom says with concern in her sleepy eyes. She looks up at the ceiling where the lights twinkle. She no longer looks tired all of a sudden. “Where did you get those?”
“A friend got it for me for my birthday.”
“Oh.” Her expression changes. “I’m sorry, it was so busy at work and then we cleaned this evening here too. I completely forgot about making the cake.”
“Its okay Mom.”
“Tomorrow night after work..” She trails off and I become stiff. Did she see Morgan?
“Did you hammer all the lights into the ceiling?” She gasps, then sighs. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Now go to bed…” Then as she turns to leave she adds, “and keep your bedroom door open, you’ll freeze in here with all those big windows!”

Like what you’re reading? Get caught up and join me from the beginning here 😀


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