The Longing That Burns Inside His Heart…

What’s in the box?

I have no idea what to expect.

The box is big but not too heavy.

It sounds like there is something shifting around on the inside when I carry it up the stairs. I don’t want to shake it too much, until I see what is in there. I set the box down in my room. There is a folder taped to the top of it, which looks like it had gotten wet and then dried. Probably from the falling snow outside. If it’s a card, it’s a big card! I pull the folder off and it takes me a while to open the seal because I don’t have scissors. Inside are some papers. I take them out and read:

Happy Birthday Alanna

This is the folder you threw down that day I brought it to you. Vanessa’s news story wasn’t the only thing that was in the folder.

Underneath this page there is another page that is bumpy from getting wet and drying again. It reads:

Hello Alanna,

Can you please give your sister this news story? It’s for her article in the school paper. There’s also something for you in the folder from me (Please don’t give that to her!).

I hope you won’t be too disappointed to know that I’m the one you’ve been writing to this whole time online, I’m DC. I’ve wanted to tell you from the very beginning but each day I see you in class I don’t want to risk losing what we have. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I was so happy to read it! It was a bit of a shock to me that you daydream about me (as DC).  But now I know it’s definitely time to tell you the truth. I wrote this poem for you in response to your story.

Below this there is a smaller page, which is folded in half and taped to the bigger page. I remove the tape and unfold the small paper. This one isn’t typed but written in Morgan’s small writing:

You stood out from the crowd
catching my attention
the longing that burned inside my heart
to you I dared not mention

You were possessed of a beauty
none could match
so pure and unrefined
I hoped before we’d ever met
that one day you’d be mine

Your beauty comes not from your skin
so shallow and so fleeting
it radiates from your soul within
so deep and full of meaning *

I want to read it again but my eyes have are blurry with tears now. No one has ever written a poem for me before. It’s beautiful. I wipe my eyes and read it again.


Its even more wonderful the second time I read it.

I can’t believe I sent Morgan away earlier! He probably wanted to see me open his present. I look around my room. After reading his poem I just know that he wouldn’t care where I live. He really likes me. He really really likes me. He already accepted me for who I am long ago.

I decide to go on line and tell him he can come over whenever he wants. But first, the present!

I set it on my bed and rip the wrapping paper off. The box is taped up with packing tape so I run to the kitchen for the scissors then run back. Finally I get it open.


* special thanks to PÖ3TIC for providing the poem for this blog!

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6 thoughts on “The Longing That Burns Inside His Heart…

  1. I was gonna ask if you wrote that poem – it’s beautiful 🙂

  2. Excellent! I love how you worked it in!! I was hoping to read what was in the box hahaha but good suspense!!

  3. you’re a great writer! I love reading your work!!! 🙂

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