A Note In My Locker

I had to go to school today, even though I didn’t want to, cuz we had an assignment due and my mom would never sign a sick note for me. She always thinks I’m faking even when I am really am sick!

I only have one class with Morgan on Fridays and its math. He sits in the front and I sit in the back.

At the beginning of class Lindsay went up to his desk and started talking with him. My stomach got twisted seeing her flirt shamelessly, but I couldn’t look away. He kept his eyes down and just nodded. Lindsay didn’t mind that he wasn’t saying much, she just kept talking and laughing. Then when he did say something she laughed REALLY loud. The sound pierced my ears and gave me an instant headache. Morgan probably didn’t even say anything funny, she just laughed to make him feel good. And he smiled. And the bell rang.

At lunch I decided I wouldn’t sit with Lindsay and the other girls. I wasn’t sure where I was going to eat my lunch. Maybe I’d just skip lunch altogether. When I opened my locker a piece of paper fell out. It said:

I would never tell anyone your secrets. After all this time that we’ve known each other I thought you’d know that about me.

I still have the note. Its on my bed right now.

Morgan writes really small. I think it’s great. It’s more economical and wastes less paper. And it’s like the tiny letters are personal and private cuz they’re so small, like a secret, written just for me. I’m probably gonna keep the note forever


2 thoughts on “A Note In My Locker

  1. Hey Alanna, just an outsiders observation but it sounds to me like you are feeling a bit jealous of Lindsey cuz she’s talking to Morgan, I think you may have feelings for the guy!

    • … I am getting more used to the idea of him being DC *sigh*… But real life can be so unpredictable and scary, you never know what real people are going to do next >_<. That's why I prefer to daydream, cuz then I can control what happens lol

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