Blogging Pals

I make an effort to share myself online

And so do many others

Its beautiful

how we accept the quirkiness

and insecurities of one another

Comments are inspiring and helpful

‘likes’ are encouraging

We are not afraid to share our hearts

And let others do the same

But in real life people are different, at school and in their houses

They don’t take time to say these things

to their sisters, friends or spouses:

I ‘like’ your words

I ‘like’ your talent

Your comments are welcome here

Be encouraged you are not alone

In real life people complain and blame

I know this cuz I do the same

The world would be a better place, if we treated one another

With the openness and consideration we give a blogging brother.

That didn’t start out as a poem but turned into one, so there you have it, my attempt at poetry 🙂

Why is it so much easier to be nice and open with people on line? And around real people why do I tend to hide my thoughts, feelings and heart?


9 thoughts on “Blogging Pals

  1. This is such a good poem and I think its fantastic that you tried something new and outside your comfort zone, good for you! I have one small critique, in line 5 you say “one other” and I think you meant to put one another.

    I think that being online provides people with a certain amount of anonymity which gives them a sense of security and confidence. Online interactions seem easier because of this and there isn’t that self consciousness like with face to face interaction where we tend to worry if the other person is judging us based on our appearance or social status. Being online removes all those barriers so that your thoughts and ideas are the main focus and we have a chance to get out of our own heads for once and be free to express ourselves without worrying so much what the other person is thinking about us as we talk. Plus there are no non-verbal gestures to misinterpret or be self conscious about!

    • I JUST saw this post! Can you believe WP put it in my junk mail folder? I didn’t even know I had one of those! But I’ve been trying to fix things up a bit on my site, renaming posts and adding more tags etc. 😀 And I was wondering this whole time about how u made no comment at all on the poem lol, I guess I thought you were just shaking your head, wondering why I even tried to write on in the first place 😛 Let’s see, line 5, I guess I just meant that we accept the insecurities of one another… is that grammatically incorrect (?), I’ve been known to be grammatically incorrect before, cuz my first language isn`t English but Hungarian. Thanks for replying! I’m glad I found this and could approve it! ^_^

      • Oh that’s ok, WordPress has very screwy lately so weird stuff has been happening to me as well! I was actually wondering why this comment never showed up, I figured it never posted and it was so long I didn’t want to go and retype it. Very happy you did find it though, I’d hate for you to assume I was silently disliking your poem.

        Also “of one another” is grammatically correct but I believe you put “of one other”. Oh wow, Hungarian huh? I would never have known English wasn’t your first language at all!! Hungarian is a very interesting language, it’s roots are completely different from the languages of surrounding countries. I believe that Hungarian and Finnish are both derived from Uralic! One of my hobbies is studying linguistics, I know that’s super nerdy right!

      • Nerdy = awesome! Yeah, I was just little when we came here (5 years old) and I picked up English really fast, but I still word things differently sometimes and if I get excited enough when I speak apparently my accent comes out. Otherwise you`d never know. I`ve been taking French at the University, but when I got to French 2000 (last semester) I stopped (I did french 1000, 1100, 1500 and 2000), it was getting really technical so I changed my major lol. I also took Sanish 1000 but stopped there, too many new words I couldn`t memorize fast enough. I`ve switched to New Media classes now 😀

      • I have always been amazed at how easily people from foriegn countries can speak several languages almost fluently, probably because they begin teaching other languages very early on in school. Most people in the US have trouble even speaking English let alone another language. I studied three years of Spanish at university and, while I am not fluent, I can read,write and speak it pretty well. Its funny, I have always had a passion for writing and photography since I was very young yet I studied and recieved a degree in economics! I guess I thought that finding a job as a writer would be next to impossible and pay very little so I chose something that I knew would always bring me gainful employment. Now that I am a bit older I dont think I would want to make a living by writing because then I would be subject to the demands and desires of the person or persons signing my paycheck and I would end up hating it.

      • Hear hear!

      • I fixed it! (the poem). I can’t believe I didn’t see it even when I was looking for it! That’s why its nice to have others read your stuff and point things out! Thanks 😀

      • You are so welcome! I agree, I always appreciate when people point out ways that I can improve or correct mistakes in my writing!

  2. I love it and sooooo true

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