A boy in my class knows all my secrets

11:48 PM I am awakened from sleep by a dinging sound.
DC -Hi
Me -Hi
DC -Sorry I haven’t been on line lately
Me -Are you Morgan? Please tell me

There’s no reply and my stomach is feeling wobbly as I wait. Cuz at this point I could still be wrong about all the coincidences and if I am wrong we can go back to how everything was BEFORE I found out that my online friend DC was quite possibly a boy in my class named Morgan, back to when DC was just DC, a boy I was chatting with online, my best friend.

DC -Do you remember being partners in Social Studies class a few years ago?
Me -?
DC -We didn’t get the assignment done in class and you refused to meet at your house or go to mine so we chatted online after school to finish it
Me -yeah, I remember that

I had done that assignment with Morgan. I feel nervous butterflies in my stomach now.

DC -We worked better online than in person.
DC -Then the next day you totally ignored me. But anyway, the next school year I got up enough guts to send you another message and you didn’t know who I was
Me -A year later? Of course I wouldn’t remember. And when I asked you about it you said ‘we met in a chat room don’t you remember?’
You tricked me!
DC -You forgot me
Me -How would I remember your user name like a year later?
DC -C’mon we chatted for half the night to finish that assignment
and you forgot what my username looks like?
Me -Half the night?? I was at the LIBRARY so I guarantee you that we didn’t chat more than ONE HOUR, cuz the computer TIMES OUT after an hour!
DC -Fine, it was one hour then
Me -Why didn’t you just say ‘hey its Morgan, from class, REMEMBER?’
DC -I thought you’d ignore me online if I told you who I was, just like you turn away from me at school.

That last comment stings. Perhaps it is true what they say- that the truth hurts. I have been a jerk to Morgan and I don’t even know why. It’s not like I have this social status that I need to live up to. I just… didn’t like his hair and clothes, so I avoided him, like he wasnt worth my time.

DC -And why do you make up so much stuff about your life?

Me -I just like being creative and coming up with stories…
DC -I don’t mind. I like your stories 🙂

Suddenly the details of all things I shared with Morgan, start coming back to me and the more I remember the more embarrassed I get. I remember telling him about my personal problems and insecurities and all my daydreams and even who I had a crush on at school.

Me -Please don’t tell anyone about all the stuff I told you about, true or untrue, especially Lindsay, she gossips a lot.
DC -I don’t exactly talk to Lindsay
Me -You were talking to her today…
DC -She followed me around after lunch, I guess she likes my hair, that’s what she kept saying anyway
Me -Do you like her?
DC -She’s okay

Its at this point that my mom comes wandering into my room, half asleep, with her hair sticking up everywhere.

“Why are you still up? Its like midnight! Go to BED!”

She must have seen Viros’s screen shining in my room. I hate that my office-bedroom is so close to the washrooms! My mom stands there tapping her foot, waiting for me to comply.

Me -I have to go… sir (sir is our way of saying ‘someone in room’)

I sign out of messenger.


6 thoughts on “A boy in my class knows all my secrets

  1. Alanna is such a complex character, I really like her and really dislike her both at the same time haha! She can be so introspective and understanding one second and so shallow and petty the next! I can see why DC is so taken with her though even despite how awful she treats him in person.

    • Well Alanna is still young, and selfish. Maybe a more mature and selfless young man like Morgan can help her grow in character and be more considerate. What would this story sound like from Morgan’s POV I wonder… Its nice to get a critique from a reader who is seeing Morgan’s side, the untold other half to this story 🙂

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t critiquing Alanna’s character I was complimenting it! You have done an excellent job of capturing both the shallow, self-centeredness and the deeply brooding analytical nature of the typical teenager.

        As for Morgans POV, I think it would actually be a great addition to this storyline to, at some point, add a concurrent storyline told from Morgans point of view!

        I used to be involved in a creative writing collaboration of about 10-15 different writers, one person would start off a story and each of us had only 1,000 words to continue it where the last one had left off. The first 4 or 5 writers told the story from the POV of the main character “Jack” who is smitten with a girl he’s never met named “Lily” and when it came to me I decided to back track in the storyline and re-tell certain events from her POV and develop her character a little bit. Needless to say the other writers waiting their turn absolutely loved that idea and it really opened up the story for even more characters to be added!

  2. Critiques are really important. I think critiquing is a positive thing. Critiquing and criticizing may sound similar but to me they are totally different things. I love critiques and always ask for them 🙂
    The creative writing collaboration sounds like fun! The first novel I ever completed (no I’ve never published anything *sigh*) had the points of view of both main characters, alternating with each chapter. It challenged me to see both sides! Its still my favourite piece of writing 🙂 (ps I sent u an email)

  3. Giving a compliment is still a critique of the character, a positive critique 🙂

    • Sorry I never responded to these two comments, they never showed up in my notifications but it looks like thats because you posted them as a new comment and not a response to mine. I totally agree with you, I misunderstood your initial response and thought you saw my comment as negative. Yes a compliment is a positive critique and thats exactly what I had intended so I am glad that you didn’t see it negatively! I always try to be very careful with my words when I am making suggestions to other people about their writing because I want to come across as being supportive and encouraging and not negative and criticizing.

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