From Geek To Sleek


I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions this time cuz coincidences don’t get this coincidental!

Let me start at the beginning.

Morgan was at school today.

I didn’t know it was Morgan at first when I saw him. I thought people were whispering and staring at a new kid. I was even thinking to myself that the new kid is kinda cute, although I didn’t get a good look at him from my desk, just his clothes and hair.

The thing that threw me off was that he wasn’t wearing glasses. And he had his hair styled different (it wasn’t slicked down as usual).  He was also dressed differently, like… skater boy-ish. Anyway, it’s a good look for him, someone obviously helped him with it. His hair was tousled and had a lot more volume, I can’t explain it (I tried to anime it though lol but my anime turned out looking too young). Anyway, the hair stylist definitely knew what she was doing!

I think the class wasn’t sure how to react, usually its either everyone likes something or everyone makes fun of it, but they weren’t doing either. The guys made remarks like “Hey look, its Morgan’s cooler twin brother!” But it wasn’t like they were making fun of him.

You could tell Morgan was self-conscious, but it only added (positively) to his skater look.  I couldn’t stop glancing over at him all class, but I wasn’t the only one. So fortunately at lunch I didn’t get nagged by Lindsay for ‘staring at Morgan’ like I was last time, cuz this time SHE was staring too.

“What do you think Morgan’s trying to do?” Lindsay says at lunch. I don’t know what kind of conspiracy she thinks this was but it seems pretty simple to me, he’s just trying to look better.

“He just changed his clothes and his hair…” I start to say. The moment the words came out of my mouth a light bulb turns on in my brain. If you’ve been following my blogs and the drama of my life you probably remember that I’ve been chatting with this guy DC for a while and we’re best friends. I’ve never met him but I became suspicious that Morgan might be DC. Then I decided that that was ridiculous. Recently, on the weekend, I complained to DC, while we were chatting on line, about how nerdy Morgan is and how awful his hair and clothes look, oh and I also said I could never like someone like Morgan. Sigh, me and my big mouth, or rather, me and my big keyboard!

So as you can see this can’t be a coincidence, that Morgan changed his clothes and hair right after I complained about it to DC. Could it? No. Did he do it to impress me? But he didn’t make eye contact with me ALL DAY, even though he had many opportunities to when I was staring at him.

So I didn’t talk to Morgan today, like I’d planned to do (to apologize for last Friday). I guess I chickened out. He did talk to Lindsay though, when he walked by our lunch table on the way out with his two friends. Lindsay just couldn’t resist saying something (she’s a talker).

“Hey Morgan, I like your new look!” She says. Morgan sort of smiles and shrugs. He doesn’t look at me at all, just Lindsay. His eyes are brown, not dark brown but an interesting lighter shade like chocolate bar brown (think Kit Kat bar or Caramel bar), but not dull like chocolate bars are, instead they’re shiny like a marble, like he’s having some faraway thoughts.  His hair has a bit of natural wave in it which I’d never noticed before cuz it was always slicked down against his head.

So then Lindsay gets up and says “I want to hear all about it! Who helped you pick out the clothes?” She walks off with Morgan, his two friends following behind then going their own way. I hear Morgan reply “The girl working at Hot Gossip helped me.”

So yeah. It just can’t be a coincidence. I don’t know for SURE because DC hasn’t come on line yet, and he wasn’t online last night either. I wish I was like Lindsay and I could just smile and laugh and talk to Morgan like this:

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe you turned out to be DC! This is so great!” big smile, “I love the new look. Sorry for sounding so rude online the other day.” Then I would laugh like it was something in the past that we can both look back on now and laugh at. “I’m SO shallow.” I’d say, ha ha ha. “But anyway your hair looks great. You should totally keep it this way. Wanna go to Dairy Queen after school? I know we’ll be great friends, I mean we already are! Hey remember when … “ Then I’d go into some fun story he shared with me online and we’d have a laugh about that too. He’d forgive me for all my mean words and I’d just make light of how silly I was being. That’s what Lindsay does. You can’t be mad at Lindsay for long she just makes light of it.

So tomorrow I’ll do that, well maybe not exactly how Lindsay would do it but I’ll just talk to Morgan. Or maybe I’ll wait till Friday, when the novelty of his new look has died down a little bit. I wonder if Lindsay likes him now. That would be so shallow. Its not like she ever noticed him before. Besides its me he spent hours with online and he was friends with me first…


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