I’ve Never Had A Friend Come Over

Morgan wasn’t at school today.

I know cuz I was looked for him. I wanted to get a better look at him this time. Sometimes people look different when you think differently about them. And I wanted to apologize to him too. Imagine if you were supposed to give someone a folder with a news story in it for the school paper and that person just freaked out and ran for the hills? (Its a long story but that’s basically what I did) I may have hurt his feelings or made him feel like he was diseased.

Or maybe he just thought I was stupid. Nevertheless I want to apologize. I noticed I’m always thinking of myself and not others. Overall I’m pretty selfish, I mean I was rude to Morgan and afterwards all I was concerned about was how I’d embarrassed myself and how I’d been affected, not how he may have possibly felt.

Morgan and I similar in some ways; we don’t follow any crowd and we both just keep to ourselves. Well, Morgan keeps to himself with his two friends and I keep to myself all by myself lol. I bet Morgan and his friends spend entire weekends together. I think it would be kind of nice having friends OUTSIDE of school. I never cared before but lately I’ve been thinking it wouldn’t be so bad sharing my loner self with a close friend. DC hasn’t been online lately and he’s not exactly a real live person anyway.

I’ve never had anyone come over to our place since we live in an old office building, can you blame me? I just don’t want anyone to know we don’t live in a real house. We always keep the outside door locked so no one from the street will come up here. There’s no door bell either. I’ve never really wanted anyone to come over anyway, but now I think that I’d be okay with someone visiting if we were friends and she (or he) was non-judgemental and liked me just the way I am 🙂

Oh yeah and I guess Morgan emailed the travel story to the school newspaper editor already, like last Friday night, so everything worked out with Vanessa (my sister). She wasn’t mad. *Thumbs up*


4 thoughts on “I’ve Never Had A Friend Come Over

  1. I must tell you I went back a ways and started reading this story and I’m hooked!! Your writing is superb and the plot has sucked me in and held my interest to the point where I can’t wait for the next installment! This is coming from a guy who only reads non-fiction books. I haven’t read fiction since as far back as I can remember. I really think you could turn these blog entries into a book, they are seriously that good and you are extremely talented. It’s so refreshing to be so captivated by a piece of writing, it’s been too long since I could honestly say that!!

  2. If virtual friends are enough for you, then that’s ok. If you’re starting to feel like you would like a friend, meet up with them for a while before you invite them home, so you know they aren’t going to judge you. If anyone judges you then they don’t deserve you as a friend. I don’t see you as selfish but as a lovely young person 🙂

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