How Shallow can you go?


I’ve been trying anime drawing 😀 and it’s not as hard as drawing real-life looking faces! With anime there are guidelines. So I drew a cool looking guy (twice with different hair) following the guidelines on someone’s blog about how to draw anime guys, and I did my best attempt at drawing Nathaniel from (I like how that one turned out) ^_^

The sun was shining today finally!… Okay who cares about that. Guess who finally found his way to an internet cafe?

Actually I don’t think it was an internet cafe, more like the hotel’s “business center”. Thank you businessmen of the world, for requiring business centers to be installed in hotels! Yes, it was DC!

DC       -Boo!
Me       -HI!
DC       -I finally got online. Not home yet though.
Me       -Cool. How long do you have?
DC       -Well I’m the only one here but if 3 business guys all come in here at the same time I’ll have to get off.
Me       -Okay  🙂

I’m usually the more talkative one but I was feeling weird, like a week of not talking to DC has made me shy.

DC       -So what have you been up to all week?

Let’s see… yoga, reading comics, I read a novel (A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn, which I just returned to Mandy today), I haven’t done homework yet, I drew anime and I went for a short walk… but I don’t want to tell DC any of these things. They just seem uncool (except for the anime drawing part)

Me       -Not much. You?
DC       -lol, just swimming and eating ice-cream all day
Me       -Lucky
DC       -You distracted?
Me       -Me? No.
DC       -Everything okay?
Me       -Yep 🙂 I just haven’t chatted since you’ve been gone so maybe I’m out of practice lol.
DC       -You don’t chat with anyone else?
Me       -I do, I chat with friends. There just weren’t many people online this week I guess.

Which is a total lie cuz everyone’s online on reading week and it IS true that I don’t chat with anyone but DC. Oh wait, I replied to blog comments this week! That’s gotta count for something.

DC       -:)
Me       -Oh yeah I had a major scare on Friday!
DC       -Your Aunt came over?
Me       -Ha ha, no. I actually thought this kid in my class was you.
DC       -?
Me       -Well last time we talked you said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’.
DC       -lol
Me       -And Morgan had this folder to give me and I thought he was you, giving me a story cuz I wrote YOU a story…
DC       -?
Me       -Yeah it doesn’t make much sense when I tell it to someone else lol
DC       -So is this Morgan super awesome or something?
Me       -No!! Why?
DC       -Cuz you picked him to be me, so he must be a pretty great guy 😀
Me       -No… it was just silly. I’m SO GLAD you’re not Morgan!
DC       -You don’t like him then?
Me       -No, he’s a loser
-I mean a geek.
DC      -What’s the difference?
Me       -Lindsay says a loser will be in jail by the time he is 18 and a geek will make a million dollars someday.
DC       -lol, so you like rich guys then 😛
Me       -Nah, I don’t care about that, but I could never like Morgan.
DC       -How come? If he’s smart enough to make a million one day then he must be a little bit cool
Me       -No, he wears the nerdiest clothes ever and his hair is always slicked down.
DC       -I thought he was a geek lol are nerds and geeks the same thing?
Me       -I dunno but Morgan is definitely both.
DC       -So he dresses funny and his hair is too flat?
Me       -Yes! Exactly

I know I sound really shallow at this point in the conversation but I didn’t realize it at the time.

Me       -His clothes are like what 50 year olds wear.
DC       -Maybe he just doesn’t wanna wear jeans and a t-shirt like everyone else does.
Me       -Yes but I’m sure his parents could afford expensive clothes that would look good, like clothes from the mall, Hot Gossip maybe, because his parents have lots of money. They’re in Greece right now!
DC       -Wow! Cool. I bet the 50’s clothes are actually expensive, like from the GAP or a place like that.

I get this weird feeling that DC is trying to stick up for Morgan cuz he’s opposing everything I say about the guy. That’s when I notice how shallow I sound. Also, I don’t like that the topic of Morgan is taking up all of our limited chat time.

But I know this isn’t really about Morgan. It’s about shallow-ness and seeing the inner beauty and worth of people. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at Morgan. I couldn’t tell you what colour his eyes are, or if he has pimples or not. And I certainly couldn’t tell you what he likes, if he’s fun or mean or nice or… ‘cool’ to hang aroung. All I ever notice about him are his clothes and hair.

Me       -I guess it’s neat that he doesn’t wear jeans and t-shirts like everyone else does. Conformists lol. And I don’t have expensive clothes either lol

(I want to sound nice and accepting of people’s nerdiness. I don’t add my theory that Morgan’s mom picks out his clothes for him.)

DC       -And you wear glasses for fun so there’s at least one thing you can like about him right? 😉 cuz you both wear glasses.
Me       -How do you know he wears glasses?
DC       -Well, you said he was a geek, so I just assumed.
Me       -Even geeks can use contacts *8-) But we don’t have to keep talking about Morgan
DC       -Ya

There is a pause for a bit then DC says he has to go

DC       -Three business guys just walked in! 😛

Then he’s off.

I realize that I’ve never asked DC if he wears glasses, or jeans and a t-shirt to school every day, or if he styles his hair up or flat or just wears it cut really short. I never asked because it never mattered.

Gotta go. I think I actually will do some homework tonight. Waiting till Sunday night probably isn’t the best idea -_-


2 thoughts on “How Shallow can you go?

  1. Your drawings are very good, especially considering an early attempt by you at these sort of drawings. I think “cool” a lot of the time is perceived rather than truthful. That is what we think is cool may not necessarily be. Is the popular look “cool”?? I personally always thought cool was someone who was confident enough to be themselves (so few of these people at high school … well when I attended anyway). I also really found myself after school.

    I think “cool” is over rated … I much prefer the “legend in your own lunchbox” adage!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I looked at tutorials on line that show you how to draw anime faces, draw the circle and the lines verticle and horizontal through the circle, then you know where to place the eyes and ears. I’ve been drawing since I was really little and I picked up on it quick, but it did take me a really long time, cuz I kept erasing and redrawing, not so much these ones but the two most recent ones on my blog took me hours to draw the eyes cuz I kept erasing it, they were always either too small or two large lol

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