Meeting my online crush for the first time…

anime valentine love

So how did my night go?

Let’s start with my mom’s crazy driving; she was pulling out in front of fast moving traffic like we were rushing to the hospital or something. So instead of down the street she drives into the Donut Shop parking lot. I’m thinking she’s got some secret alternate route to the dance that bypasses traffic and involves driving across the Donut Shop parking lot, but then she parks!

“Why don’t you grab us some donuts?” She says.

“Are you serious?” I say, cuz after avoiding smudging my lipstick all evening the last thing Vanessa would want me doing is eating a sprinkle donut.

But my mom wasn’t listening, she was looking into the Donut Shop, all around, like she left her keys in there and was trying to spot them from the car.

“Okay,” she says, once she’s satisfied with her scope of the place. “Go on. Get the donuts.”

“What donuts?”

“Something good, I’m hungry.”

“No one’s at the drive thru.” I point out. My mom just stares at me blankly. “Weren’t you the one saying we were going to be late?”

“Go! And hurry up.”

So I jump out of the van, cuz my mom is in a conspiring mood and I must go along with it for now, until I find out what she’s conspiring. Then I can get upset, or be pleasantly surprised, or probably just shake my head in disbelief.

The Donut Shop is not all that busy because its rival ‘donut/coffee’ shop down the street is WAY cooler. I notice a boy sitting at a chair looking at me, probably because I’m all done up gorgeous and rushing into a donut shop for emergency donuts on the run, which to a boy is probably sexy.

No one wants to take my order even though I’m the ONLY customer (another reason why this donut place is so less cooler than the one down the street, where they are always overstaffed and making jokes).

I look over my shoulder through the windows at my mom, who is practically eating the steering wheel in some kind of anticipation. She’s pointing dramatically somewhere, I’m guessing for me to hurry up, so I turn around and say “Excuse me!” real loud. After a moment a girl shows up from the back and looks at me like I’m disgusting and rude but I ignore it, she’s probably just jealous of my beauty. “Can I please have two old fashion plain donuts? To go?”

She grabs the money out of my hand but detours to the back to laugh like a hyena with some pimply faced boy before actually getting my donuts. I don’t want to turn around to see if my mom has eaten the steering wheel yet. Maybe she is really hungry! I glare daggers into the cashier’s back, but it does nothing to speed her up.

I have this feeling that someone, other than my mom of course, is watching me. I glance nonchalantly over my shoulder. It’s the boy sitting by himself. He’s listening to music on his headphones, maybe he’s 13? He looks like the quiet type, playing a game (and music) off his cell phone. He only keeps my gaze for a second, kind of shy. For a moment I’m reminded of when I was 12. I was a bit of a loner too. I’d go to the book store and just hang out by myself, always listening to music. That’s what I really like about DC. He loves music as much as I do, and the same type of music too!

“Hey!” The girl at the counter is dangling a paper bag in front of me.

“Oh, thanks.” I grab the bag, remembering I’m in a hurry, and rush off. I notice the boy getting up too, as I turn to leave, like he’s coming after me. But I don’t have time to think anything of it, I’m in a rush to save the steering wheel.

“Jelly Donut!!!” my mom has the car window rolled down and is gesturing everywhere.

“What?” I say.

“I want a Jelly donut!”

“You can’t be serious! You don’t even know what I bought yet.”

“Just go back.”

I sigh and turn back. This time the music kid holds the door for me. He’s on his way out, or at least I think he is, until I realize at the counter I’m less a few pennies for the jelly donut and he offers me some change.

“Thanks.” I say and look at him. He’s my height, if I minus the heals I’m wearing, and he’s got this dark wavy hair and baby blue eyes that tell me he’s going to be a heart-breaker when he’s older. I pay for the donut and leave. He follows me and holds the door again on the way out, which is really sweet. It’s probably just because I’m all dressed up and because its Valentine’s Day. Quite brave for a kid that age. Then I swear he makes eye contact with my mom and she nods or something. He couldn’t possibly be someone my sisters would set me up with, first of all because he’s too young, and because they would actually have gotten it right for once. I toss the donut bag into the van.

“So?” My mom is looking at me. I’m not even in the van yet and she’s asking me “so?”

“So what?” I get in.

My mom pulls out of the parking lot and I put my seat belt on.

“So what did you think of that boy in the coffee shop?” My mom has no interest in the jelly donut. It was some sort of set up!

“Donut Shop.” I correct her. Secretly I’m pleased that my sisters actually got it right this time, a contemplative, tech-y, music listening boy! “Mom, he’s like 12.”

“Actually he’s 14, turning 15 in 3 days…”

My first thought it that DC’s birthday is coming up too and I need to send a funny e-card.

“But you’re right. He looks younger than I thought.” My mom continues. She points her finger in the air. “Although I agree that’s too young for anything more than friendship.” Then she talks for a while about girls maturing faster than guys and how a mature guy is essential for dating, or even befriending if she thinks about it (which I wish she wouldn’t). “But anyway, Derek said that if you weren’t too disappointed with your first impressions of him to meet him at the hall.”

“That’s the second time you mentioned the name Derek. Are you sure you got this boy’s name right? Or do you just refer to all boys in general as Derek.”

“Yes, well you seem so unexcited. I thought you said he was your best friend. You two talk all day and all night.”

“What? I don’t know anyone named Derek mom.” I’m starting to wonder if my mom’s blood pressure pills are making her confuse things again.

“Sure you do, your internet buddy dot.con.”

I’m not sure how long it takes me to internalize this information, seconds could have been minutes, or hours could have passed… suddenly my heart is beating wildly. DC is here! My DC? My most special, bestest friend in the whole world? The one who understands me better than anyone?

“Mom! Turn around!”

My mom grabs me by the arm and sits me back down. “Put your seat belt back on!” She demands. Then I remember she said he would be at the dance, the coolest, hippest Valentine’s Dance for grandchildren in the history of all time. So this was DC’s big secret! That he’s young. I’m 16 which is a great deal older than he is, when it comes to what grade you’re in. He’d be… in grade nine I guess if he’s turning 15? Maybe it’s a good thing. I couldn’t handle him looking perfectly exactly what DC should look like AND be a dateable age. I’d be hopelessly in love, and long distance relationships never work out. I’m not ready to be in love. Loving someone you’ll never meet is one thing, but being in love with a real person is way too… scary.

I realize that my mom is talking to me but I can’t focus on her words. I replay the scene in the donut shop. So that’s DC, the one who likes to call me princess sometimes and talks with me late into the night. How courageous of him to go for an older girl!

And he’s really cute.

My mom’s wrong. I’ve talked to DC long enough to know he’s more mature than the guys in my class! 15 (in three days) is only one year younger than me. So when we get to the Hall I try to get out of the van with my seatbelt still on, cuz I’m so excited.

“He’s not going anywhere. You have time to take your seatbelt off.” My mom is looking at me funny. I slowly take my seat belt off. “I’ve never seen you like this.”

“I’m just excited to finally meet DC. Do you think he’s here yet?” I ask, not wanting to waste time asking her how in the world she arranged all this.

“His mom is right over there.” My mom waves at a lady, like they’re old friends or something.

“Okay, you have to tell me how you know DC’s mom!”

“I’m sure Derek will tell you all about it.”

We get out of the van and my mom and Derek’s mom start chatting it up like only two extroverted mom’s can do.

“Derek went on inside.” His mom offers her hand in greeting. “I’m his mom. You must be Alanna.”

“Hello.” I take her hand and try to shake it in the way I think it’s supposed to be done. Firm but not hard. I don’t usually shake hands with adults. I’m trying to remain unexcited and calm, but all I want to do is run off and find DC, my DC, my best friend!

“I didn’t realize you were so much older.” Derek’s mom says with concern.

“It’s just all the make-up.” I say. I don’t think it’s the right thing to say judging by her look, so I try something else, “I didn’t realize DC was so much younger either.” Also the wrong thing to say. “Oh I mean Derek, not DC.” I smile and try to imitate the actresses on TV that are in their 20’s. I can’t show any hints of how desperately I’m in love with her son, because she’s one of those crazy, overprotective mom’s. I should know, I’ve talked lots to her son!

“I’ll go talk to him.” I say in a serious manner, trying to sound mature. My mom is onto me. She gives me a you-be-good look. I walk away in my heels to the front of the building. Every step taking an eternity, cuz I just want to run. I can feel the mom’s watching me. Once inside I slip off my heels and float, bare foot, down the short hallway. DC is leaned back against the wall near the front, playing on his phone in a relaxed way. I see him before he sees me. Now I’m nervous. I shouldn’t be, because I’m the older one, but I am. Super nervous! Why does he have to be so attractive? It just doesn’t seem right. People who are on line all day should be at least slightly overweight, unattractive and socially inept. I wonder if he thought the same thing about me when he saw me in the Donut Shop, not that I was unattractive and socially inept, but that I was surprisingly… beautiful? Then he sees me coming and kind of gets disoriented. He almost drops his phone then puts it in his pocket.

“Hi.” I say. “I… guess you made it to the dance…” The music is sort of loud, in a tinny way like someone took crappy speakers and turned them up past their allowable max volume.

“I’m not exactly dressed for a dance.” He says, running his fingers through his hair, too shy to keep eye contact with me.

“You’re not staying?”

“My mom wants to get back. We spent all day running errands.”

I’m not sure what to say. If we were chatting on line I’d say ‘you’ve HAVE to stay! Let’s get out of here, and just go watch a movie, or something! Don’t leave yet!’ But I don’t say that and we’re not saying anything at all, because this is real life. And talking in real life to someone you like is a lot harder than typing them a message. It is my turn to speak so I say, “I skipped the last two classes school with my sister to get all done up.”

DC looks me over now. “You look good.” I feel tingly all over. I was wrong because he isn’t shy. I know DC and I know he isn’t a shy person, just introverted like me. There’s a big difference. “How old are you?” He asks.

“I’m 16, remember?”

“I thought you were lying. You looked younger in your picture.”
“I did say it wasn’t my most recent picture.”

He was watching me, no longer nervous about eye contact, which reverses the situation. Now I’m the one feeling nervous and he’s a lot more confident.

“So you’re not staying long?” I say, swinging my shoes at my side.

“Not supposed to be.” He’s got this wonderful smile, and I get the feeling he can tell I’m feeling nervous, and he likes it.

“Maybe we can run off and see a movie.” I say finally. He doesn’t answer, which makes me more nervous so I start swinging my shoes even more. DC reaches over and stops my hand. He takes the high heels and sets them down on the floor. Then he takes me in his arms in an old fashion dancing style, one hand behind the small of my back and the other holding my right hand with interlocked fingers. It’s all quite perfect since we’re the same height now, without my heels.

“Would you like to dance for a bit China*?” He says mischievously, closing the gap between us. I’m not used to having people close and I feel ticklish when he speaks so close to my cheek. And using my online name sort of brings our whole history into perspective, like when Timbit our cat went missing my mom wouldn’t let me go search for him past 10 pm. Everyone had given up hope because we have four lanes of traffic running in front of our house. But DC stayed up with me and made like 6 different missing cat posters and sent them to me. We did find Timbit at the animal shelter two days later. And one time DC stayed ‘home’ with me because I was feeling too sick to go to school. We watched movies on line at the same time and commented throughout on chat, it was so fun! DC can be so funny! I guess because I’m thinking about all this I don’t notice that DC is moving closer to kiss me, until he is kissing me. Just as my toes start to curl a piercing voice breaks the spell…

its my mom,

and she’s telling me to get off the computer now,

and before I go, I have to tell you (I’m so sorry), this (blog) wasn’t how my Valentine’s night went. I kind of made it all up. I’m sorry but I will tell you how my night ‘really’ went, once I’m done my chores. Sometimes I wish my mom had a full time job, so that on Friday’s when we get out of school early, I could just sit in my room and write as long as I want.

Well I hope I haven’t offended any readers (current count is 0 but one day I’ll have readers) by lying to you. It wasn’t entirely a lie, I did go to a dance. More later… s.i.r.

*oh and I will have to explain why DC calls me China… next time cuz my mom’s about to come in here and drag me out of my room…

Like what you’re reading? Get caught up and join me from the beginning here 😀


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  1. No offence.. it was a lovely story/daydream/wish 🙂

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