An everyday girl’s bedroom…

My room is my absolute favourite place to be. We live on top of a music store. There are book stores, coffee shops, art stores and antique shops all along this street. Renting the office space above the music store is cheaper than living in a regular house, or even renting an apartment, because it isn’t really meant to be lived in. It’s supposed to be used as office space. My mom is a single parent so we don’t have a lot of money. Both Vanessa and Janessa work part time, on top of all their other responsibilities. Me, I guess I’m pretty selfish. My mom says I can concentrate on my studies and get a good job later, but what she doesn’t know is that I sit at my desk with my textbook open, staring at the words and daydreaming. At any given time I have two to three storylines running in my head, and whenever I can, I try to write some of them down. But writing them down doesn’t bring in any money.

Oh yes, I was talking about my wonderful room. It’s at the front of the building, facing the street. It used to be someone’s lavish office with tall floor to ceiling windows covering the entire front wall. I keep the blinds closed most of the time because you can see clear into my bedroom from the bookstore across the street. My mom’s large ‘Busy Bee House Cleaning’ cardboard sign fills the other window. I have a big bed in the center of the room with lots of space left over for a desk, dresser, rocking chair and a small vintage TV/VCR combo that I watch movies on. Sure I usually have to watch old stuff because they don’t make VHS tapes anymore, but I have an online friend who copies DVD movies to VHS tape for me (yes it’s still possible to do that). I don’t like downloading a lot of movies onto Viros, she’s always been a little unstable and I don’t like to fill her up unnecessarily.

Viros is my laptop. She got her name because she used to have an incurable virus when I got her. They were about to disassemble her at the pawn shop down the street to salvage the video card or something, but she was so beautiful… I asked to buy her for $30. She’s small and light weight, has a small screen, not like those wide-screen monstrosities they have now. She was never a name brand, reliable lap top, just some copy-cat cheap thing someone bought on-line on an Asian discount website. To make a long story short I kept her idle in my room for months until one fateful day, dot.con (DC – my best online-friend) sent me a instructions on how to reformat the hard drive and a CD with Linux on it. I’d never heard of Linux before but I gave it a try and Voila! I couldn’t believe it when Viros booted up properly for the first time! I couldn’t scream for joy because they would hear me downstairs in the music store, so I cried instead. I logged on and went to our favourite chat hangout to give DC the good news. Viros was alive!

And that is why I can blog now! And one day I will have my first blog reader. I’m going to write something everyday (or every other day, homework pending) to keep you all (currently zero readers) updated with my anti-Cinderella fairy-tale life 🙂  so until tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “An everyday girl’s bedroom…

  1. How many readers do you have now? 🙂

    • I dunno but I think I have 5 followers! 5 is a good amount. Just the other day I was getting all nervous about writing on my blog because now I know that it will be read. Like when I started I had 0 views and 0 followers, and although that was a little depressing it was also no pressure 😛

      • Also, sometimes I think people follow me cuz they want me to see their page, like “bullying prevention” who just started following me. But bullying prevention is important, of course. Unfortunately when I tried to load their page Viros kind of crashed, I couldn’t scroll down because Viros said the page was “not responding” lol

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